Authenticity - This is the most important page on the website

We acknowledge that authenticity is uppermost when purchasing sporting memorabilia and we pride ourselves on the quality of goods and service we provide.  In short we will do our utmost to ensure that you are entirely happy with your purchase.

YOUR GUARANTEE - A number of steps are followed to ensure that the customer receives an authentic item of memorabilia.


  1. All items are obtained from privately arranged signings, in person or from the most trusted sources in the Memorabilia business
  2. Each signed item comes with a Cetificate of Authenticity.  This certificate is the consumers' unconditional guarantee that the item is supplied as a genuine item of memorabilia, with a full refund provided against the authenticity of the signature(s)
  3. Where possible we will also provide details of the date the item was signed and photo proof of the signing taking place.